How to get there

By train

Take the train to Antwerp Central station.
Follow the signs towards the Metro (underground) and afterwards follow the signs for 'Linkeroever'. Take the metro (line 3, 9 or 15) and get off at the third stop called 'Groenplaats'.
Take the exit towards Groenplaats. Continue to the public parking lot called Brabo and go to the left (Kammenstraat). A bit further you will find the 'American Apparel' store at the right side of the street. Take a turn to the right at the shop and you will arrive at the Gierstraat.

By Car

It's advised to use a GPS system when you come by car, otherwise make sure you have a decent map of the centre of Antwerp. Please keep in mind that the Suikerrui is closed for traffic.

Warning! The Bergstraat and the Leeuwenstraat are currently closed due to construction works. You can now use the Gierstraat in both directions.